Summer Camp & Adventure Club

Summer Camp

Age 5 $60.00 per day

Ages 6-9 $48.00 per day

All summer, May 27th – Aug 12th, we offer a program here at The Gift of Kids that is open 6:30am-6pm. We include breakfast, lunch, and snack. Our curriculum is listed below. Our summer program also includes water play dates, creative art activities, music, yoga, and Spanish offered daily!

Summer Camp Curriculum


Young Scientist Old Bones (Dinosaurs):

Your child will meet Dr. Dino, a paleontologist who will guide the students as they explore the landof dinosaurs with his friend Terrance, the flying reptile.

Destination Constellation:

Watch your child become a “FasTronaut” while learning about how astronauts train, live and work in space.

1..2..3..Blast Off! (Astronomy):

The universe is bigger than you and I. Children learn about the solar system, specifically stars and planets, through sing-a-long and building a solar system mobile among other “astronomical” activities.

Anatomy of Me: Through the exploration of different major anatomical or body systems (skeletal, respiratory, digestive, circulatory & nervous), your child will explore the human anatomy and learn to develop healthy habits along the way.

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Ready, Set, Travel: FasTrack will travel to various regions of the world and learn how children in those countries live. The countries that are traveled are Australia, China, India, and Mexico.

Ready, Set, Travel II:

All aboard the FasTrack Supersonic Exploring airplane! Azora and FasTrac Kids will fly to different countries across the world while learning games, famous landmarks and delicious foods found in those countries. The countries that are explored are Italy, Brazil, Egypt and the USA.

Spencer Learns Sports:

Our favorite bunny is learning exercises and sports from around the world! FasTrac Kids join Spencer as he learns different stretches, exercises, yoga techniques and sports. Teammates and coaches teach how each sport is played and how sports give life lessons.

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2020 Field Trips Cancelled Due To COVID-19. For more information, please contact our school.

Adventure Club

Ages 5-10 years old
In addition to our summer camp at The Gift of Kids, we also offer:

Adventure Club June 10th – Aug 8th; Children can attend field trips (schedule is attached) 10am-1pm.

This is an additional $20.00 per day in addition to the daily rate.

This special group leaves The Gift of Kid’s campus for a daily adventure. We explore the greater Sacramento area attending museums, nature parks, amusement parks, trails, and tours of many businesses. Once a week your child will enjoy a movie at the local theater, have ice-cream with their friends and beat the heat on a water adventure!

This program is designed to be flexible.

Pick and choose the adventures your child would like to attend.

Adventure Club Calendar

Important Dates

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