Daily Schedule


Our infant room is warm, inviting, and located conveniently in the front for parents to check in anytime on your baby. Infants sleep and eat on an individual need basis. Our baby teachers are nurturing and incorporate sign language, music, and even art for special memories on a daily basis.

Preschool Through Pre-K:

6:30-7:50 Open Play
(Drop off outside if weather permits)
7:50-8:50 Breakfast & socialization
8:50-9 Transition to learning
9-10 Circle Time (songs, calendar, share bags, etc)
10:00-11:15 Art, Lesson, Curriculum
11:15-12:15 Story & Transition
11:30-12:30 lunch & play (morning preschool session ends)
12-3 Rest or Nap followed by yoga
3:30-4 Snack
4-4:30 Outside Play (If weather permits)
4:30-5 Teachers Choice (Spanish, music, story, or art)
5-6:00 Transition, Organized Games & Socialization (pick up time)

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