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Welcome to our dedicated team at The Gift of Kids! We’re a passionate group of professionals committed to making a positive impact on children’s lives. With a diverse range of expertise, our team collaborates to create enriching and educational experiences for children of all ages. From skilled educators and child development specialists to creative minds and nurturing caregivers, we work together to provide a safe, stimulating, and supportive environment where every child can thrive. At The Gift of Kids, we are united by our shared mission: to inspire a lifelong love for learning and exploration in the hearts of the youngest members of our community.

Miss Jenn

Owner & Director

Miss Betsy

GoK Chef

Miss Ally

Infant Teacher

Miss Payton

Infant Teacher

Miss Jessica C.

Baby Team Lead and Ones Teacher

Miss Brittany

Ones Teacher

Miss Alyson

Baby Team Teacher

Miss Jena

Todds Teacher

Miss Julia

Todds Teacher

Miss Fridah

Todds Teacher

Miss Susan

Todds Teacher

Miss Nisha

Todds Teacher

Miss Lhea

Two’s Teacher

Miss Lakshmi

Twos Teacher

Miss Serene

Twos Teacher

Miss Margo

T-3 Teacher

Miss Faith

T-3 Teacher

Miss Brittney

Three’s Teacher

Miss Alex

Three’s Teacher

Miss Sara

Threes Teacher Aid

Miss Kat

Pre-K Teacher

Miss Sarah

Pre-K Teacher

Miss Gabi

Kindergarten Teacher

Miss Ash

Kindergarten Teacher

Miss Anu

Teacher Aid

Miss Madalyn

Door Greater & Office Assistant

Miss Azi

Lead Sub (Lunches and Breaks)

Miss Ganga

Teachers Aid

Miss Brittany D.

Office Assistant

Miss Savanah

Door Greeter

Miss Aimee

Door Greater & Office Assistant

Miss Zena

Substitute Teacher

Miss Ariana

Substitute Teacher

Coach Z

Soccer Shots

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