Daily Enrichment

Daily enrichment provided at The Gift of Kids

At The Gift of Kids, children have the opportunity to explore further daily enrichment programs. Childen enjoy enhanced Music, Spanish, and Yoga learning programs.

Music Enrichment

In addition to our well-balanced curriculum, the Gift of Kids offers many other enrichment programs such as Gift of Kids music designed to teach your child rhythm and beat, highs and lows, tone, music ignite all areas of children’s development and skills for school readiness. Research has proven that music enhances language development, increases IQ, Music provides a platform for lifelong learning.

Yoga Enrichment

Gift of Kids Yoga enhances flexibility, promotes physical strength, develops focus and concentration. The act of practicing poses encourages children to clear their minds. Each day after lunch and play the children are required to rest/nap. Before starting our afternoon activities, the children engage in yoga.

Spanish Enrichment

Here at the Gift of Kids, we believe that learning a second language enhances many skills, not only giving children cultural enrichment but higher academic achievement. A second language has cognitive benefits. Children become better at multi-tasking, creativity, better skills in memorization, and more critical thinking skills. Statistically, children do better in life and school when they are exposed to a second language.

Additional Programs

Additional enrichment classes are available at an additional charge, such as Soccer Shots. Ask The Gift of Kids for details.

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