Private Kindergarten (Ages 5-6)

Private Kindergarten at The Gift of Kids

Our Private Kindergarten program is a full-day program that teaches skills in phonics, reading, mathematics, and science. Students enjoy learning through our monthly thematic units that use smart board technology. We offer individualized attention in a small classroom environment. Students participate in hands-on activities to enforce new skills, and complete monthly journals, which track their progress as new skills are developed.

Kindergarten Curriculum

The Kindergarten curriculum incorporates STEAM learning, plus the core skills in reading, writing, oral language, plus music and drama activities which aids in enhancing auditory skills as they learn and develop core communication skills.

Kindergarten Curriculum: STEAM

The Kindergarten curriculum includes STEAM learning which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math. Our aim to provide an enriching experience to explore, question and experiment through discovery-based learning, team projects and hands-on activities.

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness is the ability to recognize and manipulate individual sounds units in a spoken language: to examine language independent of meaning, to see relationships between words and sounds in words and to rearrange sounds to create new words.

Sight Words (& Activities)

Teach your child how to read with sight word activities! Have your kids memorize by sight, not by sounding out. Introduce new words and reinforce words they already know using flashcards and practice 15 minutes per day!

Spelling Activities

Learning how to spell can be fun! Try these spelling activities at home and make spelling come alive with colors, funny fonts or even create your own crossword puzzles!

Time For Reading

Set a few minutes aside every day for some reading time with your child. Just twenty minutes a day can make all the difference. Here’s a poem by Richard Peck to tell you why.

Report Cards

Start with success this school year with an understanding of the expectations in reading, writing and oral skills and applications that Kindergarteners must acquire before moving onto the 1st grade.

Additional Learning Resources

Learning comes in many shapes and forms. To keep learning fun and exciting, check out our collection (with more to come!) of resources for research-validated activities and tools to build upon the reading, writing and speaking skills taught in the classroom.

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