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The teachers at The Gift of Kids Day Care and Preschool are experienced, educated in child development, CPR certified, have current background clearances, and are trained in health and safety. To find out more about our preschool program and curriculum, Schedule your tour today!

Infants: 6 weeks – 18 months old

We provide age-appropriate activities including music, art, and baby sign language.

Tots: 18 Months – 3 years old

We provide learning activities that keep your child busy through exploration. Children engage in structured art, play, and music while socializing and having fun. We have a low child to teacher ratio to promote individualized learning.Check out our Child Observation Checklist!

Three’s: 3-4 years old

We focus on social and academic skills through many fun-filled activities in a structured environment. We start the basic fundamentals of phonics, numbers, name writing, counting, and shapes through art, music, social play, and hands-on activities.

Pre-K: 4-5 years old

We focus on preparing children for kindergarten introducing them to literacy, phonics, and math while having fun! Giving children a head start helps promote confidence! We guide them through interactive science experiments, social play, and interactive learning using art, music, and activities applied on our premier smart board. Our preschool program also teaches children creativity, communication, and critical thinking. Our Private Kindergarten program teaches skills in phonics, reading, mathematics, and science. Students enjoy learning through our monthly thematic units that use active board technology. We offer individualized attention in a small classroom environment. Students participate in hands-on activities to enforce new skills, and complete monthly journals, which track their progress as new skills are developed.

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